Crates #1 Texture Pack by NDC Textures


The Crates #1 texture pack contains 8 tileable, 3D effect square crate sides to give your builds a professional look by using textures designed to match and complement each other.

I don’t think anyone can go through their content creator life without needing crate textures at least once and after having a look around the web when I needed them (even I would rather buy than make textures if I can) and finding they didn’t quite suit, I decided to make my own.

The textures are optimised for fast rendering times and can be used anywhere you’d normally use a texture.

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The Crates #1 texture pack contains 8 tileable, 3D effect square crate sides.

They are 512 x 512 and the textures are optimised for fast rendering times.

These are .png textures and the pack comes with a contact sheet for easy identification.

They can be used on online games objects, mobile device platforms, in modelling tools, in VR builds, animated features, machinima…  anywhere you need a 3D crate.


Once downloaded, there are no refunds.

If the download corrupts, a replacement pack will be issued.


Textures Licencing Agreement


The copyright of the textures (.jpg and or .png) and the licence agreement (.pdf)  is held by Immersive Digital.

What you are licenced to do

You may use these textures for private or commercial use.

You can modify the textures in any way you wish for your own use.

What you cannot do

You are not permitted to give or sell the set or individual textures of this texture package to others.

You are not permitted to make derivative works from these textures for sale or to give to others.

If you breach this licence, we’ll take any action deemed necessary.

Just don’t do it, it discourages content creators from making things and ultimately reduces your choice.


Textures Terms of Sale

By purchasing this item you confirm:

  • You agree to, and will comply with, the licence conditions,
  • Once you have downloaded the files, there are no refunds.
  • If the file is corrupted on download, we will replace it.

Texture Download Information

This is a digital download.

  • Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to the download.
  • The download is a .zip file and contains the texture files and the licence agreement (.pdf).
  • You have 12 months to download the file.  If you need to re-download it after this time, contact us.
  • You can download this file twice.  After that, you will need to contact us to request a new copy.